South Sudan

UK Troops arrive in Juba to provide Engineering and Medical support to UNMISS

News and Press Release
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British Troops, proudly wearing their distinctive blue UN berets arrives in Juba today to join the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

The UK Contingent will provide Military Engineering Taskforce to the Malakal and Bentiu Protection of Civilian Sites as well as a Level II Hospital at Bentiu.

The Royal Engineers will conduct tasks at the UN Camps to improve accommodation, routes, security and drainage, as well as as the construction of a jetty on the River Nile and a helicopter landing site. Alongside their UNMISS colleague, their efforts will make a contribution to protecting civilians and creating conditions to enable the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Nearly 80 medics will arrive to staff a Level II Hospital in Bentiu, providing world class medical care for over 1,800 UNMISS military and civilian personnel.

With almost 400 troops in total, this will be one of the UK’s largest operational deployments across the world.