South Sudan

Statement Attributable to the Office of the Spokesperson United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS): Upper Nile Operations worrying


Fighting in the west bank of the River Nile in the north of South Sudan has reached what the head of the UN mission in the country (UNMISS), David Shearer has described as “worrying proportions.”

What began with an exchange of fire between SPLA and Aguelek opposition forces, has expanded geographically. Military resupplies have since been observed arriving in the area.

On 8 February, UNMISS received reports of hostilities between the government SPLA and opposition forces in Owachi and Tonga, Panyinkang County.

Military operations on the west bank of the Nile river are taking place in an area where people, predominantly from the Shilluk ethnic group live, forcing people out of their homes.

The town of Wau Shilluk town is now reported to be deserted.

Humanitarian workers have been evacuated and aid is not being provided.

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Spokesperson: Daniel Dickinson – +211912177770