South Sudan

South Sudan Value for Money Case Study: Efficiency (June 2022)



This case study summarises an analysis conducted by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) using the Dioptra tool to assess the cost-efficiency of family planning services delivered through different service delivery channels in South Sudan, as part of the Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH2ACTION) project.

● In 2021, family planning services delivered in South Sudan cost £32 ($43) per couple-year of protection against unintended pregnancy (CYP) on average. Cost per CYP decreased compared to previous years of programming due to the increasing number of CYPs and uptake of services realised from initial investments in community engagement and health team setup.

● It cost the IRC £34 ($45) per CYP to deliver family planning services through mobile outreach teams; £23 ($30) per CYP through static facilities; and £36 ($49) per CYP through community-based distribution in 2021. Despite incurring higher cost per CYP, community-based distribution was able to reach a high number of underserved clients and broaden service coverage.

● Comparing spending with results can help identify programme adaptations and areas of course correction, such as shifting resources between service delivery points, intensifying community awareness activities, and strengthening service provider capacity.