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South Sudan UNHCR Operational Update 24/2017, 16-31 December 2017

Situation Report
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283,409 Refugees in South Sudan as of 31 December 2017.

1.9 million IDPs in South Sudan including 209,898 in UNMISS Protection of Civilians sites as of 31 December 2017

US $883.5 million Funding requested by UNHCR for the South Sudan Situation in 2017.

Operational Context


Achievements and Impact


■ In Yida, a total of 685 new arrivals were registered during the last two weeks of December, thus bringing the total number of new arrivals in the month of December to 1,880. In 2017, 14,469 new arrivals were registered, 45% more than in 2016 (9,917).

■ A total of 831 refugees were relocated to Jamjang refugee camps during the reporting period, including 32 from Yida settlement and 799 new arrivals. In December, a total of 2,055 refugees were relocated, including 110 refugees from Yida settlement and 1,945 new arrivals. Total number of refugees relocated to Jamjang camps in 2017 was 16,791, including 2,025 refugees from Yida settlement. As of 31 December 2017 refugee population in Jamjang camps was as follows: Ajuong Thok refugee camp: 39,655, Pamir refugee camp: 19,132, Yida refugee settlement: 54,943.

■ UNHCR strengthened its monitoring activity against fraud during the General Food Distribution (GFD) in Yida: 110 ration cards, involving 300 individuals, were confiscated for further investigation and follow-up action.

■ As part of capacity building, UNHCR conducted safe identification and referral training for 59 outreach workers of which 29 were from UNHCR and 30 from the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). In addition to increased understanding of categories of persons with specific needs, the training provided practical skills on the community–based support the outreach teams can extend to those persons.

■ 68 (36 boys, 32 girls) separated children were received in Ajoung Thok refugee camp. 33 of them (12 girls and 21 boys) were reunified with their biological parents and the remaining 35 children (20 girls and 15 boys) were placed under foster care with their relatives.

■ During the reporting period, five new SGBV incidents were reported and supported, including one physical assault, three cases, involving psychological abuse and a sexual assault case. UNHCR and partners continued to follow up on 8 previously reported cases (2 physical assault and 6 psychological abuse cases). The follow up action included provision of psycho-social and material support to Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) survivors.

■ A total of 231 refugees, including 47 women, 90 girls, 12 men and 82 boys participated in sessions on SGBV services and referral pathways upon their relocation to Ajuong Thok refugee camp. Furthermore, 390 refugees (115 women, 110 girls, 69 men and 96 boys) participated in SGBV community sensitization sessions run by UNHCR partner, International Rescue Committee (IRC), in Pamir and Ajoung Thok refugee camps