South Sudan UNHCR Operational Update (16 - 28 February 2018)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 28 Feb 2018

49,000+ Refugees verified in Yida

18,000+ refugee children enrolled in primary school in Upper Nile

~6,000 children Benefited from Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme in Doro, Gendrassa and Kaya camps in Upper Nile



287,375 Refugees in South Sudan as of 28 February 2018.

1.8 million IDPs in South Sudan including 203,980 in UNMISS Protection of Civilians sites as of 22 February 2018

US $809.4 million Funding requested by UNHCR for the South Sudan Situation in 2018.

Update on Achievements


Achievements and Impact


■ A total of 49,083 individuals (89% of 55,174 targeted population) have gone through the process of verification in Yida refugee settlement as of the end of February 2018. Apart from verification, the exercise also aims at individually During the reporting period, 1,307 new arrivals (690 women, 617 men) were registered in Yida, which represents a 54% increase against the same period last year when 689 new arrivals were registered. Food shortage in South Kordofan is the main driver for new arrivals.

■ A total of 1,580 refugees were relocated to Jamjang camps, including 498 to Ajuong Thok and 1,082 to Pamir. This number also includes 304 refugees from Yida settlement and 1,276 new arrivals. As of the end of February the refugee population across Jamjang camps and settlements was as follows: Ajuong Thok - 41,520, Pamir - 21,882, Yida refugee settlement - 53, 649.

■ UNHCR partner, Humanitarian and Development Consortium (HDC), held negotiations with the police and other relevant actors for the release of three refugees who were arrested without proper charges levelled against them. Two refugees were released due to the lack of evidence and one case, involving physical assault, was released on bail. All three cases received legal advice/ counselling.

■ During the reporting period, 23 SGBV cases were reported, including 3 cases in Pamir, 9 cases in Ajuong Thok refugee camps and 11 cases in Yida refugee settlement. The cases involved physical assault (12 cases), rape (4 cases), sexual assault (3 cases), and psychological /emotional abuse (4 cases). All the survivors received individual counselling as well as material support.

■ A total of 13 Community Outreach Volunteers (COVs) were selected in order to strengthen community outreach and ensure proper geographical coverage. The target is to have 75 against current 56 COVs who will provide multi-sectoral functions in Ajuong Thok and Pamir refugee camps as well as Yida refugee settlement.

■ During the reporting period 400 separated children were identified. A total of 887 separated children have been identified since the beginning of the verification exercise in February 2018.

Central Equatoria

■ In Juba, 43 individuals were registered and 17 refugees were reactivated following a protection screening conducted in collaboration with the Commission for Refugee Affairs (CRA). The total number of refugees and asylum seekers currently in Juba is 4,561 persons, including 1,983 asylum seekers and 2,578 refugees. Of this number, 416 persons have special protection needs.

■ In Juba a total of 188 documents, including 31 refugee ID cards, 127 Asylum Seeker Certificates and 30 Proofs of Registration were issued/re-issued to refugees and asylum seekers. engaging with refugees to inform them of the government relocation policy.