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South Sudan UNHCR Operational Update 02/2017, 15-31 January 2017

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  • UNHCR Commences development of a new site for displaced refugees in Upper Nile: In Doro refugee camp, UNHCR commenced the development of a new site for the relocation of nearly 12,000 refugees displaced due to the December conflict. The construction work kicked off in the presence of the Chairman of the refugees Peace and Reconciliation Committee and his other members including the youths. The Doro Host community representatives, and based on a unanimous agreement of the County Commissioner, UNHCR and the Host and Refugee Peace and Reconciliation Committees allocated the land for the development of the new site, an action which represents the reconciliation between the refugees and the host community.

  • UNHCR commences in-kind Business Start-ups for Urban Refugees: In Juba, UNHCR partner Humanitarian Development Consortium (HDC) began the distribution of in-kind business start-ups to 64 refugees who lost their properties in Juba as a measure to assist them to improve their existing struggling businesses for possible expansion and growth. The startups include tea shops, cookery shops, retail, charcoal trade and mobile phone re-charging points.

  • UNHCR partner FAO provides vegetable kits for refugees and IDPs: UNHCR partner, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) through their Emergency Response Programme provided 10,000 vegetable kits to support 8,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 2,000 refugees in Yei. The initial distribution of the vegetable kits has reached 3,585 beneficiaries including 925 displaced refugees. Vegetable kits include okra, onions, amaratus, collard, carrot, eggplant, tomato and watering can.

  • UNHCR participates in High-Level Inter-Agency Assessment in Juba: In Juba, UNHCR participated in high-level Inter-Agency Assessment organized by the Undersecretary Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management on IDPs arriving from Yei. The joint team visited three locations of Juba 2, Khor William and Jebel Checkpoint. The IDP leaders reported a total of 46,600 IDPs registered in the three locations with food, water, and health as their major basic needs. The future intensions of this particular group were unclear. UNHCR will continue monitoring their situation pending further guidance from the Inter-Cluster Working Group (ICWG).

  • Relocation of refugees from Yida settlement to Pamir Camp continues: During the reporting period, UNHCR relocated 759 refugees previously settled in Yida to Pamir. Cumulatively, Pamir is now home to 7,642 refugees since opening in September 2016. Upon arrival, refugees received core relief items and residential plots.

  • UNHCR sensitizes urban refugee parents on education enrolment: In Juba, UNHCR and its partner ACROSS sensitized urban refugee parents on education activities and the new strategy for the enrolment of urban refugee children in primary schools. Public primary schools in Juba with safe learning environments are being assessed by ACROSS with the aim of designating them for the enrolment of refugee children in urban Juba.

  • UNHCR partner Internews installs FM radio in Bentiu: UNHCR partner INTERNEWS installed Kondial FM 97.2 in Bentiu. When launched, the radio will provide humanitarian information to residents within 25 KMs range from Bentiu. The testing feedback is positive as its transmission is clear and a huge population within the radius has confirmed their interest and happiness on the topics aired. Also, Internews distributed 79 sets radios to IDPs.