South Sudan + 4 more

South Sudan Situation UNHCR Regional Update, 64 (01 – 05 June 2015)



  • SOUTH SUDAN: On 18 and 23 May, UNHCR together with local authorities and the host community organized official ceremonies to hand over agricultural land to refugees in Kaya, Yusuf Batil and Gendrassa camps. The host community provided 3,295 ha in Kaya and 431 ha in Yusuf Batil and Gendrassa camps in 2015. Refugee communities have started demarcation and allocation of land. To increase refugees’ self-reliance, UNHCR and its partners are supporting refugees with the distribution of seeds.

  • ETHIOPIA: The relocation of South Sudanese refugees from the flooded camps of Leitchuor and Nip Nip to Jewi camp was successfully completed and 47,038 refugees (11,182 households) have been relocated: 2,616 from Nip Nip camp and 44,422 from Leitchuor camp. 521 of them were relocated by air while the rest by road. UNHCR is working with the Government of Ethiopia and partners to rehabilitate the former camps in collaboration with the host community.

  • KENYA: WFP has announced an impending food ration cut of 30 per cent from mid-June onwards. Following ration cuts in 2013 and 2014, WFP has continued to experience difficulties to mobilise sufficient resources for the refugee operation. The available resources would only meet food requirements up to the end of July. The cuts will affect the General Food Distribution (GFD) cycles but not the school meals programmes and nutrition/supplementary feeding programmes. The situation for June- September would be reviewed if WFP receives new donors’ contributions.

  • SUDAN: As a result of intense conflict in Upper Nile and Unity States (South Sudan), over 13,000 refugees arrived in White Nile and South Kordofan States in the last two weeks: 7,000 of them in the first four days of June. Previous escalation of conflict in Upper Nile State in March and April 2015 forced over 15,000 individuals to flee across the border.