South Sudan

South Sudan - Report on Rapid Appraisal in Kodok Town, Fashoda, Upper Nile, 15 March 2018



Although the community was massively displaced to Aburoc and Sudan in April 2017, following the intensified fighting in March to April1 leaving the Kodok town empty, return movements have now been observed.

The overall food security, nutrition, WASH, health and education situation is reported to be moderately poor and has deteriorated due to conflict and displacement.

Given its favorable geographic location near the river Nile, the local community has access to some livelihood opportunities, hence future interventions to support the populations need to focus on strengthening resilience.

The findings of this rapid appraisal translate into the following recommendations:

• Given the presence of various humanitarian partners operating in the area, a gap analysis in terms of needs should be done before recommending any action. This analysis should be supported by the ICWG in Malakal;

• As the planting season is approaching and as the population is expected to resume its traditional livelihoods now owing to the relative stability in the area since some time now, distribution of seeds (mainly short-cycle crops), tools and fishing kits is recommended.

• A one-off food ration to support other livelihood interventions should be considered, after further consultations with partners already operating in the area.

• Any assistance should be preceded by a population verification exercise.