South Sudan

South Sudan: Post Distribution Monitoring of NFIs distribution to IDPs, returnees and most vulnerable host communities affected by the conflict and violence in Nyirol East County, Bieh state (Former Jonglei State) (18-22 Jan 2018)


1. Background: Intervention overview

Nyirol East County is one of the County that makes up the newly created Bieh state. It consists of five Payams of lankien, Dengdor, Thol, Tut and Natim each headed by payam chief. The payams are further, divided in to bomas, each headed by boma chief, who are responsible to the payam chiefs (head chief). The payam chiefs in turn are directly responsible to the county commissioner. The population of Nyirol East County predominantly depends on livestock keeping, as the main source of livelihood and do practice farming at subsistence level. The level of education is minimal, with few able to read and write.

The population of Nyirol East County has not been stable since the outbreak of conflict in 2013 according to the local authority (ROSS Coordinator). The population keeps on changing from time to time, due to the influx of IDP from the neighbouring Counties. Towards mid last year (2017), there has been serious displacement of people from the neighbouring counties (Waat, Chuil, Khorphulus, Walgak and Uror) of Nyirol East County in to the five payams of Nyirol East County due to military engagements between rebels and the government forces. This has raised a concern and propelled the State Focal Person (SFP) for ES/NFIs Jongolei, to conduct a rapid assessment in Nyirol East in August 2017. The outcome of the assessment report shows, there exist IDPs in five payams of Nyirol East, displaced from Waat, Walgak, Chuil, Khorphulus, who arrived in the five payams of Nyirol East from July and August 2017 and are in dire need of humanitarian support.

Based on this rapid assessment report, ES/ NFIs cluster requested PAH to carry out assessment centred on ES/NFIs needs in the area. While on the ground, the assessment team [PAH team], vindicated the existence of IDPs in Lankien, Dengdor, Thol, Tut and Natiom payam of Nyirol East County, from Waat, Chuil, Khorphulus, Walgak and they are not in their home villages.

This resulted in to the registration and verification of IDPs in the five payams of Nyirol East County by the PAH team.

During the exercise, the team found out, the number of IDPs that came from all the five Payams of Nyirol East County were found to be 1250HH [7,815 individual]. This has not been in line with the previous assessment conducted by ES/NFI SFP Jongolei in August 2017 in which the number of the IDPs in the five payams of Nyirol East was 1680 HH [9,011 individuals]. Majority of the IDPs, come from Waat and Chill based on the registration and distribution records. The reduction in this number of IDPs from Waat and Chill was due to integration of some of the IDPs in to the host communities.

No tension registered between IDPs and the host community in terms of cooking items, land, and host families are willing to stay with the IDPs until the security situation in their places of origin is normal. Tukuls in the five payams are ok and the IDPs were, given some Rokubas by the hosting families. So, no overcrowding seen. The number of persons sleeping in a Rokuba range from 3-4 persons.