South Sudan

South Sudan: NFI and Emergency Shelter Assessment/Verification Report, Rumbek North, Lakes State - 24 January 2019


Rumbek North is a county inhabited by Pakam Dinka, it has many payams and villages surrounding the county headquarters. Each payam is inhabit by some sections of clan. During the recent gubernational order of increasing the states in South Sudan, Rumbek North was divided into three counties’. Aloor, Meen and Malueth. Aloor which is devastated by conflict is inhabited by Gaak section. The Gaak are bordering Luacjang of Tonj East and South. These two communities keep cattle and they also cultivate crops as source of living. There have been attacks previously ranging from cattle raiding and revenge killing but it has never gone beyond what happened on 25-27/12/2018

The first attack took place on 25/12/2018 where armed young men from Luac jang of Tonji East attacked and invaded the 36 villages around aloor. They began by beating women with sticks and looting properties, later they launched an attack again on 26/12/2018 killing 8 people onnspot, this includes 2 children of 9 years old, 2 elderly men and 4 young men from Pakam. On the 27 mornings, the burned down Aloor which is then county headquarters and killed 5 soldiers including one senior officer who went to rescue the situation. It escalated to schools by destroying learning materials in the three schools and destroying medicines and nutrition supplies in Aloor PHCU.

During their time in Aloor They also looted 12 solar panels and 12 batteries and destroying 5 others. They also destroyed 2 churches. Lakes State is known of being free from the Rebel activities which is currently is South Sudan however, there are numerous displacement of people within the State due to inter-communal fighting.