South Sudan

South Sudan: NFI and Emergency Shelter Assessment/Verification Report, Nyal, Unity - IOM, Mercy Corps - 06 February 2017


Situation Overview

-Note any prior assessments (eg IRNA) and attach to this report
-If no prior assessment has been done, summarise information gathered through questionnaire at Annex 1

The IDPS were affected by the conflict that broke out early July in 2016. Since the war broke out within the State, most of the IDPs fled away from their homes due to political instability between the SPLA and the SPLA in opposition. Due to insecurity in Leer, Koch and Mayendit, the IDPs decided to come to Nyal and Katieth payams in Panyijiar County and some Islands which were not affected by the conflict.

As a result of the influx of IDPs, humanitarian organizations dispatched a team to undertake Verification and registration in Nyal as a follow up of the assessment which was done in Dec 2016. It was concluded that most of the IDPs are primarily women and children.