South Sudan

South Sudan: NFI and Emergency Shelter Assessment/Verification Report, Maiwut, Upper Nile State - 18th March 2019


Summary of Distribution

Two distributions were held in Mediate and Maiwut town. The team managed to distribute the NFIs to the registered most vulnerable IDPs and the Returnees in the two distribution points. The needs were assessed in December, 2018. Before the distribution, the team managed to meet with all the community leaders’ and local authorities in the four locations (Maiwut, Mediate, Jetome and Uleng). The discussion was on how the team was going to carry out the registration first and then followed by the distribution immediately after. During the meeting with all the local authorities it was agreed that the distribution would take place in two locations. The first distribution site was agreed to be in Mediate which also covered the beneficiaries from Uleng and Joteme as these two were considered to be near to each other. The other distribution point was agreed to be in Maiwut town. World Vision had to hire a truck to transport the NFIs for these locations from Maiwut to Mediate. To make it easy during the distribution, all the registered IDPs and Returnees were issued with tokens which they presented during the distribution.

The distribution was organised by World Vision and ACKAP with support from the local authorities in the two areas. The distribution was conducted by four NFI staff, 2 staff from World Vision and the other 2 staff were from ACKAP. To ensure the distribution was smooth, World Vision hired casual Enumerators, crowd controllers, security, mobilisers, waters carriers for the beneficiaries and casuals in the stacking area. These were all hired from the communities in which these beneficiaries came from.

Before the distribution took place World Vision conducted the pre distributions meetings with the local authorities first who were informed on the way the distribution would be conducted and their responsibility to ensure the safety of the staff. And secondly the meeting with the beneficiaries were conducted. During the meeting with the beneficiaries World Vision used the opportunity to pass on various messaging on the correct usage of the items that were to be distributed and emphasising that these items should not be subjected to incorrect usage. Various questions from the affected population were also answered during this meeting.

All the IDPs who had been verified and registered were the ones that were given access to these NFIs. Among the IDPS who received the NFIs were the vulnerable IDPs and returnees (Women, Men, including the elderly and Children) who had come to these location with almost nothing as they were fleeing conflicts and those that had started returning as a result of the areas being considered relatively safe at the moment.

During the distribution the team organized the seating and waiting areas which were demarcated a distance from the registration tables to ensure that no overcrowding was experienced on the tables. The ropes were also used to ensure that the process was orderly. People who needed special attention were saved first like the elderly. The use of crowd controllers and the general site layout helped to have a smooth floor of the distribution even though the numbers were so high in the two locations.