South Sudan

South Sudan: NFI and Emergency Shelter Assessment/Verification Report, Jikmir - WVI, SSUDA, ADA, SSRC15 (February 2017)


Situation Overview

Following the fire outbreak in Mathaing-dit the RRC called for an emergency meeting on 7th January 2017 and the following INGOs and UN Agencies were in attendance, NCA, WVSS, WHO, UNMISS, WFP and During the meeting it was agreed that the registration and verification be conducted the following day on 11/1/2017 at 10:00am. After days of pushing forward the registration and verification due to the engagement of Aguok and Apuk borderline assessment, the exercise was delayed until it was done on the 28/03/2017.

The team conducted household interviews of the affected individuals and those who had not been affected. A focus group interview of those who were affected was also done. During the household interviews and group interview it was reported that it’s only 5 households that’s were for people who are vulnerable and 10 households were for commercials and have already recovered by the owners and put them back to business.