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South Sudan needs urgent action to prevent famine - IPC Alert, Issue 1, 9 May 2014- Updated 10 June 2014

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IPC Partners agree on the food seecurity situation: 3.5 million people are in need of urgent action to save lives, protect livelihood and prevent famine

The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) is playing an active role in building evidence-based technical consensus on the severity of food insecurity in South Sudan. This is critical as a coordinated and unified message allows decision makers to move forward and respond strategically, in a timely way.

An IPC Analysis provides information on i) the severity of the situation (How bad); ii) the geographical areas most affected (Where); iii) the magnitude of the problem (How many); iv) the duration and timeframe (When), v) the population most in need (Who), and vi) the driving factors (Why).

In line with the IPC approach, the South Sudan IPC Technical Working Group (SS IPC TWG) has led a month long process of analysis and consultations involving more than 60 members from State and National Levels. Moreover, due to the sensitivity and severity of the food and nutrition security situation, the South Sudan called for an external and independent review of their preliminary findings. The IPC Global Support Unit (IPC GSU) activated an IPC Emergency Review Committee (IPC ERC)consisting of a panel of leading food security and nutrition experts who conducted an independent review and provided recommendations to the SS IPC TWG.

The complex emergency in South Sudan is caused by high underlying vulnerability, the effects of conflict and displacement compounded by the coming lean season and resulting in loss of livelihoods, income, assets, inadequate food access, high prices, and unstainable emergency coping.

The food and nutrition security situation in the country is precarious and can deteriorate rapidly at any time, due to the existing vulnerabilities and unpredictability of the current conflict.

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