South Sudan

South Sudan Monthly Sitrep - April 2022


Key Achievements:

2.1 m IDPs in South Sudan as of December 2021

500k individuals reached by CCCM partners in 2022 total partners in 2022

19$ Total Fund required in 2022

1.1 received by CCCM partners in 2022

CCCM National Cluster Update:

As part of its core function in supporting identification of emerging gaps and address problems of duplication and formulation priorities on the basis of analysis and prioritization, the national cluster team participated in the OCHA organized meeting to discuss and agree on intersectoral triggers and prioritization criteria. The result of this round table discussion enabled the cluster to come up with CCCM Cluster specific priority locations and response triggers that the cluster partners shall utilize in 2022 when responding to on set emergencies.

Response Overview:

  • Of the 1.6 million people in need of CCCM support in 2022 approximately 900,000 displaced persons live in spontaneous sites or informal settlements or with host communities, around 217,000 are in PoC/former PoC sites and more than 250,000 live in collective sites. The transition of the PoCs to conventional IDP sites, which has so far taken for 5 of the 6 sites in South Sudan, may further entrench protracted displacement and the associated burden on displaced people, returnees and host communities.

  • Unusually extreme flooding, in addition to the upsurge in subnational violence, especially in Jonglei, Unity, Upper Nile, Warrap and Lakes, means that displaced people are expected to remain in the areas where they have taken refuge until conditions improve in their areas of origin. Ensuring that these people continue to receive adequate services, and mitigate against protection concerns and other risks and vulnerabilities, CCCM cluster will continue to maintain an overview of agencies providing services, the quality of their services and identify site level needs and gaps.

  • In 2022 more than 500,000 IDPs were reached by 7 CCCM cluster partners who responded in various IDP sites and other displacement locations where they provided IDPs with CCCM services including coordination of service provision, leadership training, and monitoring service provisions inside the IDP/POC sites.