South Sudan Monthly Market Price Monitoring Bulletin, May 2018

from World Food Programme
Published on 31 May 2018 View Original


• Currency Exchange Rate: The South Sudanese Pound (SSP) continued to depreciate. In April 2018, the average exchange rate of one US Dollar in Juba was 276 SSP on the parallel market, while the official rate was 136 SSP, compared to 241 SSP and 133 SSP in the previous month. The divergence between the official and parallel market exchange rate thus reached a new high of 101 percent, since the 2016 currency devaluation.

• Cost of Food Basket: As the lean season approaches, the cost of acquiring the standard food basket has started to rise significantly. In April 2018, Lakes, Central Equatoria and Upper Nile had the highest cost of food basket.

• Cereal Prices: In April 2018, the retail price of staple cereal, sorghum, increased in most of the monitored markets, while the highest increase was in Konyokonyo and Kapoeta South (32 percent, each) compared to March 2018.

▪ Fuel Prices: The price of petrol remained at 1 US Dollar in SSP as per the parallel market exchange rate in Juba, Kapoeta South and Bor. However, petrol prices in other markets ranged from 1.44 US Dollar in Torit to 2.43 US Dollar in Bunj. Though the rate differs, most of the markets experienced ten percent and above price increases as compared to March.

• Terms of Trade: Goat to cereal terms of trade showed mixed trends. Kapoeta South, Mingkaman, Torit and Wunrok witnessed improvements in ToT as compared to the previous month. On the contrary, wage to cereal ToT deteriorated in Bor, Aweil, Yida and Juba.

▪ Outlook: The beginning of the rainy season and the long-standing economic crisis will remain to be challenges for traders to supply, mainly in remote locations, and hence staple food prices are expected to rise in the coming months.