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South Sudan: Internews e-Bulletin (January 30, 2020)

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In Bentiu, Internews’ Humanitarian Information Service (HIS) implements a Communication and Community Engagement (CCE) program to increase information sharing. The program operates Kondial 97.2 FM, a humanitarian radio station inside the Bentiu PoC, conducting listening groups to gather community feedback. If you have information to be shared with the PoC or humanitarians, please contact: Humanitarian Project Manager Nimaya Manasseh ( or Team Leader Puot Tuor (

What We Heard This Week

Feedback from the Community

IOM DTM Gives Children Biometric Cards

Sector 4 leaders are grateful to IOM DTM for allowing their children to use biometric cards to receive food rations without any restrictions. This was not so in the past where children were not allowed to receive food rations unless they were accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Adult Males And Females, Sector 4

Latrine Decommission

Mercy Corps completed the decommissioning of latrines in both sector 4 and 5 which have been the source of complaints from the residents in the PoC. They have been emitting a horrible smell.

Sector 4 Block 12

Desperate For Chlorine

The listening Group in Sector 4 Block 12 appealed to Concern World Wide to distribute chlorine in order to reduce bad odors in the pit latrines.

Sector 4 Block 12: Adults

Thanks UN Police and Community Watch Group (CWG)

The Kondial FM received feedback from Bentiu PoC that the UN police and Community Watch Group had intensified their work to maintain peace and security in the Bentiu PoC.
Adults: Bentiu PoC

Inadequate Water For BNFA School Children

Sector 4 Block 12 complained that children at BNFA school do not receive enough drinking water. This usually results in early departure from school and skipping of lessons. They requested WASH implementing partners to address the issue.

Adult Male and Females: Sector 4 Block 12

Bathrooms Lack Doors

Several bath rooms in Sector 4 Block 12 are lacking doors forcing people to avoid taking showers in the afternoon and wait for sunset. They requested for the implementing partners responsible for addressing the issue to act fast.

Adults: Sector 4 Block 12

Chairs Needed

Sector 2 Block 7 Listening Group asked the UNMISS to provide chairs to both men and women and not to favor only women.
Adults: Sector 2 Block 7

Thanks For The Distribution Of Garbage Bags.

Some members of a listening group in sector 4 block 12 thanked Mercy corps for distributing garbage bags to the collectors. They said this will help combat filth and improve on the hygiene and sanitation in the PoC.

Adults: Sector 4 Block 12