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South Sudan: Internews e-Bulletin (December 19, 2019)

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EVD specialist On Ebola Disease Virus (EVD) Awareness

Internews community correspondents talked to communities in Yei Municipality on what their views and perceptions were on Ebola. Some community members said that they are now aware of the causes and preventive measures against Ebola. How- ever, some community members suggested that since they now know the preventive measures, the awareness shouldn’t continue. Some expressed doubt about the relationship between

Ebola and bush meat. Others said that they would really wish to know whether there is a treatment for Ebola or not. An EVD Specialist said that Ebola is a serious disease that can spread to communities and that one of the biggest outbreaks in history is ongoing in Congo.

He added that because it is a disease carried by people, there is a high risk that it will be carried to South Sudan by people traveling across the border. The specialist said that, that is why people need to be educated to recognize Ebola and make alerts so that they can call the medical people or health personnel when they see an Ebola case.


Several community members who regularly check their HIV status as recommended and those who are living with the virus in Yei Municipality found out that, though HIV positive people feel stigmatized in the community, some people without the virus live and eat together with them and console them. The only thing they don’t do is share sharp objects like needles, blades, among others. This will help reduce the multiplication of the disease. They added that the HIV positive people should not feel embarrassed by their condition. One of the HIV positive woman who has been living with the virus for 14 years said that HIV needs proper care and prevention to make them live as long as the negative people. They added that humanitarian agencies should not only give HIV food ration to those whose body weight is low, but also to those who look well and have higher weight.