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South Sudan: Internews e-Bulletin (December 12, 2019)

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EBOLA: Prevention Is The Best

A panel of medical doctors from World Health Organisation (WHO) and South Sudan Red Cross responded to the concerns of the community in regard to the Ebola Virus Disease. Previously, Internews Yei Community Correspondent interviewed several community members who have their doubts about ways in which Ebola is spread to human beings. Some also expressed concern about the prevention of Ebola especially if people have communal bathrooms and latrines. They also asked how helpful the Ebola vaccine is in helping combat infection and spread of the disease. The doctors on the panel said that if there is an outbreak in the country, families would be advised not to share bathing shelters and latrines together with the patient because the virus can easily be transmitted to other people. He further said that the other ways through which the people can get the virus is through bodily fluids like saliva, blood, semen and sweat.

EBOLA: Community Asks and Doctors Respond

**Internews community correspondent collected some questions from the communities in Yei River State on what they don’t understand about Ebola. The questions included: “Will Ebola reach South Sudan?”, “Why bush meat is said to be spreading Ebola yet in the past people ate bush meat and Ebola was not there”?, “Are we free from Ebola?”, “What are the stages of Ebola infections?” There were questions on screening points since IOM closed some of the Point Of Entry (POEs). Internews hosted two doctors from World Health Organization (WHO) Richard Lobuya and Dr John Wani from South Sudan Red Cross to respond to the questions from community. The doctors said that, agencies are seriously doing awareness in various communities in Yei on ways Ebola is spread, the signs and symptoms and prevention of the disease. They said that agencies have social mobilisers right from the town down to the village level that help in educating communities on the dangers of Ebola. They said that at the moment where there is an active outbreak on Ebola people should not eat bushmeat because they may get Ebola virus. They