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South Sudan: Internews e-Bulletin - Bentiu, Malakal, Juba, Mangateen, Jamjang (October 23, 2018)

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In Bentiu, Internews’ Humanitarian Information Service (HIS) implements a communicating with communities (CwC) program to increase information sharing. The program operates Kondial 97.2 FM, a humanitarian radio station inside the Bentiu PoC, conducting listening groups to gather community feedback. If you have information to be shared with the PoC or humanitarians, please contact: Humanitarian Project Manager Akiiki Tusiime ( or Team Leader Pout Tuor (

What We Heard This Week – Feedback from the Community

Blankets to cover the cold requested

With the cold season setting in, a listening group with lactating mothers is requesting for blankets. They said the items distributed about two years ago were only for the disabled and most vulnerable members. They are seeking help from humanitarian agencies.
Women in Sector 4, Block11 in Bentiu PoC

Light Up the Nights, Please!

Bentiu PoC Community leaders are concerned about the lack of street lighting in some blocks which poses protection and security challenges. Many of the community leaders reported that insecurity and SGBV are abetted by the cover of darkness. They are requesting protection partners to install lights in all the dark spots.
Adults and youths in Sector1-5 in Bentiu PoC

Family household in need of solar lamps

Lactating mothers in Sector 4 Block 6 and 2 said that they lack family-size solar lamps to use when breast-feeding and cleaning babies at night. They are requesting health and protection partners to provide them with solar lamps.
Women listening group in Sector 4 Block 6 and 2, PoC

Fire Season Coming!

The rainy season is ending. Residents in all sectors of the Bentiu PoC are concerned about fire incidents that occur during the dry season. They say they lack experience to prevent or control fires. They are asking agencies to help raise their awareness in firefighting and prevention.
Adult & Youths in Sector1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Bentiu PoC

Support Girl Education!

A listening group with young girls from all Sectors in the Bentiu PoC said that some of their parents don’t allow them to attend classes. They said they are kept busy with domestic chores and are forced into early marriages. They are asking agencies to organize trainings for parents on the importance of the girl-child education.
Children & youths in Sector 1-5, Bentiu PoC

Milk for Vulnerable Children!

Disabled and most vulnerable members of communities in all Bentiu PoC Sectors have decried the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities. Women with disabilities said that their children are susceptible to malnutrition because they can’t afford milk. They are seeking support to set up small businesses.
Adults & youths in Sector1-5 Bentiu PoC

Water shortage

Sector 4 Block 9 residents say they have water shortages.
A woman said that their water flows for only 2 hours a day and it’s not enough for all households. They are requesting WASH partners to increase the hours from 2 to 4 per day.
Adults, youth & children in Sector 4 Block 9 PoC