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South Sudan: Internews Bentiu e-Bulletin (October 24, 2019)

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In Bentiu, Internews’ Humanitarian Information Service (HIS) implements a communicating with communities (CwC) program to increase information sharing. The program operates Kondial 97.2 FM, a humanitarian radio station inside the Bentiu PoC, conducting listening groups to gather community feedback. If you have information to be shared with the PoC or humanitarians, please contact:
Humanitarian Project Manager Akiiki Tusiime ( or Team Leader Pout Tuor (

This week Internews 221 collected 25 unique feedbacks:

• School Age (11-18 years old) 4% • Youth (18-35 years old) 28% • Adults (over 35 years old) 64% • Elderly (Over 60 years old) 4%

Internews interacted with 221 people through:

• Listening Group 40% • Informal Meeting 40% • Focus Group Discussion 20%

What We Heard This Week

Feedback from the Community

Animals Vaccination Requested in Bimruok

Herders reported that their animals are suffering from unknown disease. They requested VSF to carryout animal vaccination campaigns.
Adults & Youths, Bimruok

We Need More Support to Study

Girls at Upper Nile primary reported concerns that some parents do not believe in their education. They requested that concerned partners do more awareness on radio to educate parents about importance of girls’ education.
Students, PoC

School Fencing Is Requested

Pupil in Upper Nile Primary school complaint that their school fence has been blown by wind and that the fence is collapsing. They asked if Intersos could do the repairs.
Students, PoC

NFI Supplied to Herders Appreciated

Cattle camp youths appreciated IOM Transitional & Recovery department for distributing nonfood supplies.
Youths, Bimruok

We Like Sugar & Tea Supplied By IOM

Cattle keepers appreciated IOM transitional & recovery department for supplying sugar and tea leaves.
Adults & Youths, Bimruok

Thank You!

Residents expressed gratitude to revitalized peace monitors for meeting them in cattle camps. They directed their appreciation to CTSAMVM.

Well-done Mercy Corps

Residents expressed grateful to Mercy Corps for renovating damaged latrines in their block.
Adults & youths, Sector 4, block 6

Thanks, IOM, For Meeting US

Residents thanked IOM for discussing peace initiative with cattle keepers in Bimruok.
Adults & Youths, Bimruok

New Latrines in Sector 2 Celebrated

Residents said that they are happy with new latrines built in their sector. Appreciation was directed to IOM WASH.
Adults, Sector 2, block 6

Dominoes and chess Games

Youths reported that they feel idle during the day due to lack of activities to do. They directed their request to INTERSOS to issue them with dominoes or other play activities.
Youths, Sector 4, block 6