South Sudan

South Sudan: Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) - Epidemiological Update, Week 6 (February 6 - 12, 2017)

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• Completeness for weekly reporting was 34% IDSR sites and 68% for the IDP sites.

• Malaria remains the leading cause of morbidity in nonconflict areas and IDPs. Transmission in most counties that had experienced upsurge in cases has reduced to expected ranges.

• 10 new measles cases reported from Wau PoC during the week.
Measles IgM positive cases confirmed in Aweil South (4); Gogrial West (4); and Wau PoC (4). 7 Rubella IgM positive cases in Wau PoC.

• One suspect meningitis case reported from Al Sabah hospital in Jubek state.

• Cholera Outbreak confirmed in Bor County, Jonglei state. Cholera alerts being investigated in Duk, Twic East, and Yirol East.

• Pneumonia was the leading cause of death in IDPs during the week.

Special focus on cholera

• Eight cholera cases confirmed in Mingkaman where 32 new cases reported in the week (Figs 19.2&19.3; Table 4.2).

• An integrated response has been rolled out in Yirol East,
Twic East, and Duk including the hard-to-reach populations on the Islands (Figs 19.2&19.3; Table 4.2).

• Cumulatively, 5,085 cholera cases including 150 deaths (50 facilities and 55 community) (CFR 2.06%) have been reported in South Sudan (Figs 19.2&19.3; Table 4.2).

• A total of 57 new cholera cases reported from Awerial, Bor South, Mayendit, and Pigi in week 7 (Figs 19.2&19.3; Table 4.2).