South Sudan

South Sudan Humanitarian Response: Kondial FM - Bentiu Mini-Audience Survey, February & March 2020



From February to March 2020, the Internews team in Bentiu conducted a listener survey to gauge audience satisfaction with programming on Kondial FM. The survey is administered to Listening Groups which regularly meet to discuss the station’s programs, as well the current affairs in their communities. Taking place over an extended period of time, and with the same individuals in each session, Listen Groups go beyond focus group discussions in that they allow participants to build a genuine relationship with one another and the radio station. The trust forged from these relationships lends itself to valuable feedback that benefits both Kondial FM and service providers through the Humanitarian Information Service (HIS). Therefore, Listening Group sessions cultivate civic engagement and empowerment, both of which are critical to community resilience during crises.
Feedback from the listeners surveyed was collected by Information Officers and coded into the Kondial FM listener group survey database that was created by the Internews Monitoring,
Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) Department. The survey was administered in all Bentiu PoC Sectors (1-5) and the area immediately outside of the PoC.

Demographics of Respondents

A total of 605 listeners were surveyed, among these:

• 45.4% were women; 55.6% were men.

• Most surveyed were youth between the ages of 19 to 35 (44%) or adults between the ages of 36 and 60 (29%).

• Of the 605 listeners surveyed, 298 do not own radios.

Programming Preferences

Kondial FM’s Morning Show - airing Monday throughFriday from 10to11:30am- is far and away the most post popular. Indeed roughly 53% of respondents indicated it as their favorite program. Other popular programs include: Education Cluster Show, Entertainment Show, Peace and Reconciliation Show, Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Cluster Show and the Health Cluster Show.

When asked which topics they would like there to hear more programs on, 30% mentioned agriculture, 21% mentioned education, and 10% mentioned the Peace Process and cultural discourse. Qualitative data included 12 mentions of suggestions about Agricultural programming, 30 mentions about education and 45 mentions about peace. On agriculture, listeners specifically wanted programs that address food production, and the business needs of small-scale farmers. With respect to education, listeners wanted programs that education topics and motivation to study. Regarding the peace process, program to hear news updates on the ongoing peace process, and cultural topics reminding children of their heritage.