South Sudan

South Sudan: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (September 2019)

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Humanitarian access continued to improve throughout the country in September. Thirty-one incidents were reported, a decrease from 35 in August. Despite the general improvement, active hostilities, bureaucratic impediments and criminal acts against humanitarian personnel and assets affected aid operations. Yei, Lasu and Tore in Central Equatoria were inaccessible by humanitarians due to intermittent fighting between the Government and National Salvation Front forces. Five aid workers were detained during the month, including a national staff member in Yambio, Western Equatoria, who was threatened and harassed by State actors. Most of the incidents in September were attributed to the State security forces and largely involved harassment of humanitarian organizations and compound intrusion, particularly in Central Equatoria. Access constraints in Central Equatoria accounted for a third of all incidents reported during the month. Operational interference accounted for 26 per cent and bureaucratic impediments for 16 per cent of all reported incidents. Bureaucratic impediments, mainly in SPLA-in-Opposition areas, led to suspension of health and nutrition activities in Akobo, Nyirol and Koch. Heavy rainfall constrained physical access to various locations in the country.

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