South Sudan GBV Sub-Cluster Strategy 2017


It is the responsibility of all humanitarian actors and the government to take measures to address Genderbased violence (GBV). This strategy provides a common understanding on the priorities, approaches and responsibilities of actors in the humanitarian response to GBV in South Sudan. It is a foundation to enhance cooperation on GBV prevention and response between humanitarian actors, the government, donors, the international community, the UN agencies and more broadly.

The strategy of the GBV sub-cluster for 2017 presents a framework for prevention and life-saving interventions in relation to GBV in the humanitarian context. It defines the common aims to:

  1. Expand access to GBV response services to conflict-affected populations;

  2. Improve the quality of GBV response services;

  3. Strengthen prevention and mitigation of GBV; and

  4. Increase coordination of GBV activities between national and sub-national levels, and across the different sectors of humanitarian action.

Given that the GBV sub-cluster is one of the components of the Protection Cluster, this document should be read in conjunction with the Protection Chapter of the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). The GBV Sub-cluster Strategy provides more details to understand the specific activities and approaches that will be used to implement GBV components of the Humanitarian Response Plan.

The GBV Sub-cluster Strategy aims at incorporating and coordinating a broader range of actors and activities than those in the HRP, particularly for interventions related to GBV prevention and in the Equatorias, where humanitarian and development approaches often take place concurrently.

The need for focused, dedicated attention to the prevention of and response to GBV in South Sudan is stronger than ever. Humanitarians will continue to prioritise GBV response in 2017 in accordance with this strategy. I recommend it to everyone to read in order to understand the objectives, principles and concrete actions that must be pursued to combat GBV in the context of emergency.
Eugene Owusu Humanitarian Coordinator