South Sudan

South Sudan: Flooding trends in counties of particular concern of food insecurity, December 2021



Extensive flooding occurred across much of South Sudan in 2021. Whilst rainfall was not abnormally high in 2021, flooding was exacerbated by standing water from major floods in the previous two years, most of which had not fully receded. Higher water levels detected upstream on the Victoria Nile, and on the Great Lakes including Lake Albert, also contributed to the greater flood extent observed in 2021, as shown in the graph to the right. The flooding has led to widespread displacement, destruction of livelihoods and contamination of water sources, compounding existing insecurity issues in many regions.2

Flooding can result in inundation of cultivated land and destruction of livestock, adversely affecting food secutity and livelihoods. The impact of flooding is therefore an important consideration when assessing FSL and when undertaking the IPC.