South Sudan

South Sudan — Event Tracking: Yirol East and Yirol West, 21 February 2020

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IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) conducted Emergency Event Tracking in Yirol East and Yirol West (Lakes state) following reports on new displacements caused by communal clashes over land and revenge killings. In early January 2020, communal clashes occurred between the communities of Yirol West and Rumbek East. This caused displacement of 2,205 individuals (420 households) from Mabuoi payam to Angei (210 households) and Majok (210 households) in Mapuordit payam.

In addition, due to insecurity, 576 individuals (53 households) originally from Angei and 90 individuals (17 households) from Majok, were forced to return from displacement in Mabuoi. Mix of revenge killings and cattle raiding between Mvolo and Agutraan communities, resulted in displacement of another 2,236 individuals (430 households) from Agutraan to Pilingjier. Furthermore, 369 individuals (71 households) were forced to return to their area of habitual residence in Pilingijer, due to arising insecurity in chosen displacement areas in Agutraan. Affected population reported food, shelter, NFI, water and health assistance as the most urgent needs. According to information received from DTM enumerators who visited the site in Pilingjier, more than 200 households were forced to return to their areas of habitual residence in Mvolo.

Clashes over land occurred between the community of Eastern Lakes and Jonglei in early December 2019 forcing 4,178 individuals (1,459 households) to move to safer areas. According to received information, disputes started between fishing communities over Cueatkuet island on the Nile located some 145 km north of Bor Town. Some 2,184 individuals (973 households) fled on foot from Cueta Kuet to Adior where they remained in spontaneous displacement sites, whilst another 1,994 individuals (486 households) from Liet Buoi found shelter among the host community of Malek Town. In addition to IDPs, 258 individuals (63 houseolds) who were previously displaced to Liet Buol, were forced to return to their areas of habitual residence in Malek Town. Food, water, NFI and shelter are reported as the most urgent needs.

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