South Sudan

South Sudan Education Cluster Dashboard (As of 31st March 2021)


An estimated 3.4 million girls and boys between 3 and 17 years of age need education and over 66,000 teaching personnel. Education cluster is targeting 797,024 children (3-17 years old; 53% % girls); 4,355 teachers and 4,572 SMCs and PTAs in geographical areas affected by conflict, displacement or facing acute food insecurity levels. Focus is being given to emergency affected areas with significant IDPs presence and where the gaps in the provision of education is greatest.

A total of 33 HRP partners comprised of 20 NGO, 11 INGO and 02 UN Agency have been identified for the 2020 response and funding of 54 million is required for 2021 education response.

A total of 3069 (49%F) children have been reached, 40 teachers and 191 PTA/SMC trained by cluster partners.