South Sudan

South Sudan: Early Warning and Disease Surveillance Bulletin (IDP Camps and Settlements) Week 15 (6 - 12 April 2015)


General Overview

  • Completeness for weekly reporting in week 15 of 2015 was 82% compared to 91% in week 14 of 2015 and 84% in week 15 of 2014.

  • ARI, malaria, AWD, ABD and suspect measles are the top causes of morbidity among IDPs.

  • In week 15 of 2015, ARI was the top cause of morbidity among IDPs with a proportionate morbidity of 19% and incidence of 55 cases per 10,000 population, which represents an increase in comparison to week 14 of 2015.

  • Fifty one new suspect measles cases were reported from Bentiu (50 cases) and Lankien (1 case). A measles vaccination campaign has been conducted in Bentiu PoC following the confirmation of a measles outbreak in the PoC in week 12. A total of 182 measles cases including two deaths (CFR 1.1%) have been registered in Bentiu PoC since the beginning of 2015. In Upper Nile, measles cases have not been reported in Malakal PoC but 34 cases have been reported in Maban (24 cases), Fashoda (4 cases), and Lower Manyo (6 cases) since week 11.

  • In week 15, two new HEV cases were reported from Bentiu while Mingkaman reported two cases. Hence the cumulative for HEV is 51 cases including one death (CFR 1.96%) and 143 cases including six deaths (CFR 4.2%) in Mingkaman.

  • Four suspect cholera cases including one death were reported from Guit county in Unity state in week 15.

  • Three animal bite (suspect rabies) cases were reported in PoC 1 in UN House IDP camp in week 15 of 2015.

  • The under-5 and crude mortality rates by IDP site were below the emergency threshold in week 15of 2015.

  • An Ebola Preparedness Support Team composed of experts from WHO-HQ and WHO-AFRO has concluded its mission to South Sudan from April 12-18, 2015.