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South Sudan Displacement Crisis: Cross-Border Population Movement - Kapoeta Road Monitoring, Kapoeta South County, Eastern Equatoria State (September 2021)



Kapoeta town is located in Kapoeta South County, Eastern Equatoria State, near South Sudan’s border with Kenya. Since the beginning of the crisis in South Sudan in December 2013, Kapoeta town has been a gateway through which many internally displaced persons (IDPs) have passed on their way to refugee camps in Kenya.1

This factsheet provides results from the REACH road monitoring exercise in Kapoeta town. REACH monitors two bus/car parks where travellers are travelling to and from Torit/Juba and Narus/Kakuma, in order to record the arrivals and departures of households (HHs) on a daily basis. Daily data is synthesized into a monthly factsheet to provide an overview of wider movement trends, including push/pull factors, vulnerabilities and intentions. The following findings are based on primary data collected over 14 days between 1 and 30 September 2021.

Not all entry points to Kapoeta town were covered systematically, and some arrivals and departures reportedly took place outside of data collection hours (7:30 am - 5:30 pm). As a result, data presented in this factsheet does not capture all population movements and, as such, findings are not representative but rather indicative only of broader population movement trends for the assessed population.