South Sudan

South Sudan COVID-19 National Deployment and Vaccination Plan, 9th February 2021



Country Context

South Sudan is a land-locked country bordered by the Republic of Sudan to the north, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the east, the Republic of Kenya to the south-east, the Republic of Uganda to the south, the Democratic Republic of Congo to the south-west and the Central African Republic to the west. It lies between latitudes 3o and 13oN, and longitudes 24o and 36oE.
It is covered in tropical forest, mangrove, swamps, and grassland. South Sudan covers an estimated area of 619,745 km2 , of which 18% consists of White Nile and its related tributaries and swamps, with the rest being made up of plateaus with numerous small hills and extensive savannah plains.
It receives abundant rainfall and is rich in tillable land.

Since February 2020, the country is administratively divided into 10 States and 3 Administrative Areas (AAs). These a further divided into 80 Counties, 605 Payams, 2,532 Bomas, and 26,544 estimated villages. For health services, the Ministry of Health (MoH) is represented at State,
County, and Payam levels while the Bomas is within the Local Government Structures.