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South Sudan: Cholera outbreak - 2015 (Week of 21 - 27)

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Situation Update

As of 27 June 2015, a total of 347 cholera cases including 26 deaths (CFR 8.3%) have been reported from 63 villages in eight payams of Juba County .
The initial cases were traced back to 18 May 2015 in UN House PoC where the first cholera case was confirmed on 1 June 2015. Most of the cholera cases in Juba have been reported from New site followed by Juba 3 PoC, Gumbo, Gudele 2, Kor William and Munuki S

Urgent Response Needs

  1. Intensive social mobilization and health education on cholera prevention in the transmission hotspots

  2. Stricter monitoring of water tanker chlorination at the Riverside and eld surveillance to ensure water delivered to households conforms to the minimum free residual chlorine levels.

  3. Distribution of water purication tablets at household level in high transmission areas.

  4. Partners to support Juba Teaching Hospital cholera treatment center (CTC) and set up oral rehydration points (ORP) in Gumbo, New site, Mangatain IDP, Gudele, Nyakuron, Munuki and Kator.

  5. Standby ambulances to support the transfer of cases to designated treatment centers.

  6. Urgently train and deploy more home hygiene promoters to cholera hotspots for house-to-house sensitization on cholera prevention

Cholera Response During the week

  1. Urgent and lifesaving cholera response activities have been initiated by the national cholera taskforce in response to the increasing number of cases in Juba. The national cholera taskforce meeting takes place weekly.

  2. The cholera response strategy is being reviewed and updated to suit the current context and to facilitate mobilization of resources to control the outbreak.

  3. Oral cholera vaccination campaigns were conducted in Bentiu PoC and UN House PoCs with Bentiu PoC implementing the second round, while UN House PoC carried out its rst round of vaccinations.
    Both campaigns took place from 22 to 26 June 2015.

  4. With support from MedAir, a new oral rehydration point (ORP) has opened in Gumbo PHCC and is already treating cases