South Sudan

South Sudan: Child Protection Rapid Assessment, MingKaman IDP Camp


The 36,648 (Joint Head count by Humanitarian, Community leaders and RRC) individuals from Jonglie state, Jalle Payam Bor County and Pakeer/Maar Twic East County left their home by following attacks from Murle.

Pakeer was attacked on 13th November 2016 and Jalle was attack on 15 October 2016. In response to the crisis; humanitarian actors carried out an Initial Rapid Needs assessment (IRNA) to ascertain the situation of the increasing numbers of the IDPs to MingKaman. Key findings indicated that Women and children were among the most affected in terms of health, nutrition and general conditions of living with limited access to water and food and other basic humanitarian assistance.

The IDP’s reported that the massive destruction including indiscriminative killing of children, men and women, burning of houses, cattle rustling had devastating effects. From discussion with Key Informants, it was learned that a large portion of the population of persons with specific needs including expectant and lactating mothers, Female headed households, Unaccompanied and separated children, persons with disabilities as well as elderly persons. Women and children are among the most affected in terms of mental stress, health, nutrition and general conditions of living. It was observed during the data collection for the needs assessment that majority of the affected community members, including children and women, displayed signs of distress comprising grief, isolation, over sleeping and anxiety.