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South Sudan 2020 Humanitarian Response Plan Addendum at a glance (as of 16 June)

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This document summarizes preparedness and response activities to address the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in South Sudan through the end of 2020. The addendum includes the activities and financial requirements of the updated National COVID-19 Response Plan. Originally issued in March prior to identification of the first confirmed case in South Sudan and with a focus on preparedness, the updated plan encompasses a significantly scaled-up national response. Consolidated financial requirements presented in this document are additional to those in the 2020 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for South Sudan. The HRP and associated projects originally seeking $1.55 billion were finalized in the end of 2019 for non-COVID-19 related needs and largely remain valid, with the exception of projects totalling $39 million that were cancelled due to operational constraints.

Consolidated COVID-19 response activities and requirements in this document hence complement existing HRP programming and are annexed to the HRP.

Financial requirements presented in this document are part of the South Sudan Chapter of the Global HRP for COVID-19 (GHRP), the international community’s primary fundraising vehicle to respond to the humanitarian impacts of the virus in low- and middle-income countries and support their efforts to fight it. Funding for COVID-19 activities summarized in this document is tracked separately from the HRP by the Financial Tracking Service.

Alongside the HRP addendum prepared by the Humanitarian Country Team, the UN Country Team is finalizing a UN framework to concurrently address the immediate socioeconomic effects of COVID-19.

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