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Saloro & Imoruk NFI and Emergency Shelter Assessment / Verification Report | June 2019

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The assessment team comprises of Eight (8) Inter-Agency Working Group Members namely, CARE International, Plan International, FAO, WFP, INTERSOS, NCA, Health Link South Sudan, The Eye of Mercy South Sudan, and Brac South Sudan representing the following Clusters – Protection (GBV, Child Protection and General Protection), Health, Food Security and Livelihood, Shelter/NFIs, and Nutrition. The team moved in four (5) vehicles availed by FAO, WFP, Plan International, INTERSOS, and NCA. The team divided itself into two with two vehicles remaining in Isaloro and the other three proceeded to Imurok with other assessment team for the same mission.

The population live in grass thatched tukuls and the building materials are collected from the surroundings. Grasses were currently all burnt and tukuls cannot be constructed until the coming dry season. All the new arrivals shared tukuls with the relatives. The chief said weekly 3-4 households arrive in the area. There have been no NFIs distributions conducted in both areas. Plan International distributed food items to the same population about a month ago.

The population survived mainly by selling wild vegetables, charcoals, poles, firewood and sometimes selling animals in Torit market so that they can buy food commodities and other non-food items such as soaps, matchbox and clothing. There are no markets in both in Imurok and Isaloro. In Imoruk Payam the following services are available four boreholes, three are functional and one broke down.