South Sudan

Republic of South Sudan: Cholera Situation and Response Updates, 24 November 2017


Epidemic Trends

  • Cholera transmission reported in two counties [Juba and Budi] in the last four weeks [44- 47, 2017] with a total of 21 new cases including one death (Table 1).

  • There was no new laboratory confirmed case in week 47 (Table 4).

  • In the last four weeks, cholera cases have been reported from Juba and Budi (Fig.1 and Table 1). During this period, a new focus of transmission emerged in New Bongo, Luri payam in Juba county (Fig.2 and 3). The initial cases were reported from New Bongo on 10 November 2017. At least 48 cases including 16 confirmed cases have been reported from New Bongo (Figure 3). Transmission in New Bongo has declined after the initiation of comprehensive response including reactive oral cholera vaccination (Figure 3).

  • In Budi, the cases have continued to decline with only sporadic transmission reported in Kimotong, Ngauro, and Lorema. A reactive oral cholera vaccination campaign has been completed in Budi.

  • A cumulative of 852 cases including 83 deaths [CFR 9.74%] have been reported in Budi since week 29, 2017 (Table 1 and Figure 4). Overall, males (54.6%) are more affected than females (43.9%) in Budi county. Male children and male young adults are more affected than their female counterparts of corresponding age (Figure 5).

  • The outbreak in Budi started on 28 July 2017 with the initial transmission occurring among gold-miners in Ngauro.

  • Cordaid and the County Health Department are supporting management in Ngauro CTU, Kimotong CTU, Kimotong PHCC, Vaka ORP, Nagishot PHCC, Lorema CTU, and Kakilai PHCC in Budi county.

  • There are ample cholera case management kits and the cholera treatment facilities are adequately staffed for the current case-loads. In addition to case management, surveillance, and WASH interventions, and a cholera vaccine campaign is underway.