South Sudan

Rapid Shelter Sector Assessment Fact Sheet #3 - Bor, Jonglei State, South Sudan, March 2014



Since the beginning of the crisis in South Sudan in December 2013, a total of 908,000 individuals have been displaced by armed violence and insecurity, at least 705,800 of which remain within the country. Many of these internally displaced persons (IDPs) have gathered at displacement sites, mainly in Unity, Lakes, and Upper Nile states.

Civilian populations affected by the ongoing fighting have gathered in UNMISS bases located in the main urban centers of the country, notably in Bentiu (around 4,300 IDPs), Malakal (around 26,400 IDPs), and Bor, the capital city of Jonglei State. At the time of the assessment, 5,694 IDPs were registered at the UNMISS Bor compound, east of Bor town.

The South Sudan Shelter Cluster requested support from REACH for a rapid shelter sector assessment in order to collect information on the places of origin, the types of housing and the level of damage to the homes of IDPs, as well as their intentions in terms of return. The shelter sector assessment also covered issues related to secondary occupation, property and lease rights.

REACH deployed an assessment team on the 13th of January 2014, including dedicated specialist capacity on Geographic Information Systems and mapping. This factsheet outlines the methodology and main findings from the rapid shelter sector assessment in the Protection of Civilian (PoC) area near Bor town.