South Sudan

Preliminary Report of Nutrition and Mortality SMART Survey in the former Fangak County, Jonglei State (former), South Sudan, May 2018


Executive Summary

From 11th – 16th May, 2018 Action Against Hunger- USA conducted a standard nutrition and mortality SMART survey in the former Fangak County of Jonglei State (former), South Sudan. A total of 396 households were assessed and this report contains the preliminary results of anthropometry, health and mortality indicators assessed in the survey (see specific objectives in section 1.3 below). The FSL, IYCF and WASH indicators will be included in the final report.

Objective: The overall objective of this survey was to determine the prevalence of acute malnutrition among children 6-59 months of age and asses the mortality situation of the community in the former Fangak County of Jonglei State (former, South Sudan.

Methodology: The assessment was a cross sectional study with two-stage cluster sampling using SMART methodology. The sample size and selection of clusters were determined using ENA software (updated version 9th July, 2015) based on Probability Proportional to Population Size (PPS). Simple random sampling using households listing method was employed for household selection.

Coverage of the survey: All Payams and Bomas were assessed. A total of 33 villages were selected by PPS and 12 households were selected per village. Information collected: Anthropometric, mortality, morbidity, health seeking behavior of mothers or caretakers, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), IYCF as well as food security and livelihood (FSL) information.

County level participation: In addition to local community members, staffs from County MoH, Hold the Child and IOM office were participated in the training and actual data collection as part of the survey teams.