South Sudan

Post-Harvest Assessment (October 2018) - Summary Report, White Nile State


Executive Summary

In October 2018, a livelihoods assessment was undertaken in White Nile state to assess the living conditions and livelihoods situation among the South Sudanese refugees as a means to identify measures required for strengthening self-reliance. A total of 205 individual questionnaires and 10 focus group discussions (FGD) were undertaken in Umsangor, Dabat bosin, Alredis1, Alredis2, Jory and Khor-alwaral through semi structured questionnaire. The sample was from a total of 29,581 refugee participants. The selected sites represented the different ethnic groups (Nuer and Shuluk) of the refugee population alltogether a reasonable sample of the refugees that participated in the harvesting activity.

The data collected was analysed through SPSS and Excel.

From the sample, it was noted that more than fifty percent (54%) of the refugees went to Sennar State during the harvesting season, forty five percent (46%) remained in White Nile State leaving one percent going elsewhere.