South Sudan

Overview of Settlements in Budi County - Assessment of Hard to Reach Areas in Eastern Equatoria State, November 2016



This factsheet presents preliminary findings about the humanitarian needs in Budi County, Eastern Equatoria State. Between 11 - 14 November 2016, REACH interviewed 37 key informants (KIs) with recent knowledge from 30 settlements in this area. Due to the purposive sampling of KIs, who reported only on sectors which they were knowledgeable, findings are not statistically generalisable but remain indicative of the situation in assessed locations. Approximately 112,513 people lived in the area before the crisis.

Budi County saw widespread displacement following the outbreak of conflict in Chukudum on 6 October 2016, which quickly spread to the rest of the county. Though the situation is reportedly now calm, access remains an issue due to security concerns, and NGOs have not yet re-established services there.
The information presented in this factsheet seeks to inform humanitarian actors seeking to respond to humanitarian needs in the Budi County area.