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Nutrition Small Scale SMART Survey Report: Twic East County, Jonglei State, South Sudan (June 2014)



Twic East County is located in Jonglei State, which is the largest state in South Sudan. The county is composed of five Payams namely: Pakeer, Ajuong, Nyuak, Lith and Kongor with an estimated population of 111,935 people1 (before the outbreak of violence that led to population displacement).

Various forms of under nutrition have been prevalent among vulnerable groups in South Sudan for many years including young children, pregnant and lactating mothers in general; Twic East is not an exception. Among factors contributing to this situation: seasonal changes in food security, flash floods, violence and disease burden. The highest prevalence of malnutrition is usually experienced during lean period (May to July).

Recurring violence causing displacement and destroying livelihoods, preventing the populations from planting at the right time therefore leads to inadequate food intake that directly affects the nutrition status of the affected population.

Twic East experienced double burden starting with flash floods in November 2013 and mid December’s 2013 violence that in both case led to massive population displacements. Many of Twic East residents are hosted in Kenya and Uganda as refugees while others in Lakes State of South Sudan as IDPs. However the situation is gradually coming to normal since no fighting has been reported for the past two months, and it was reported that people have gradually started to come back to the county.