South Sudan

Nutrition and mortality SMART survey, Fashoda County, Upper Nine state, South Sudan, March, 2022 - Preliminary report


Nutrition Surveillance and Evaluation team (SET)

Action against hunger-USA, South Sudan Mission


Action Against Hunger conducted a nutrition and mortality SMART survey in Fashoda county,
South Sudan from 4th – 11th March 2022. A total of 454 households were assessed.


The overall objective of the survey was to determine the prevalence of acute malnutrition among children under-five years of age and assess the mortality situation in Fashoda County,
South Sudan.


The assessment was a cross sectional study with two-stage cluster sampling using SMART methodology. A total of 38 clusters were selected. The sample size and selection of clusters were determined using ENA software (Jan 11th, 2020 version of ENA) based on Probability Proportional to Population Size (PPS). Simple random sampling method using household listing method was employed for second round sampling during household selection. A total of 456 households were planned to be visited for the anthropometric. A total of 454 households were assessed. Anthropometric and health data were gathered from 516 children aged 6-59 months.


The survey was carried out in all Payams of Fashoda county, South Sudan. A total of 38 villages were selected by PPS and 12 households were selected per village. 38 villages were assessed.


Data collected include information on anthropometrics, mortality, and health seeking behaviors of caregivers and household food security context.