NFI and Emergency Shelter Distribution Report | Pibor - Intersos - 26th October 2017

Summary of Distribution

  • Where was the distribution held and how was it organised?

  • What and how were beneficiaries informed?

  • How was equal access ensured for men, women, girls and boys?

  • How was order maintained during the distribution?

The distribution was held in Pibor town near the airstrip by INTERSOS with the help of RRC of Pibor town, Local Authority and village chiefs of Pibor South community; and hired casual workers aided the distribution of this loose NFIs items.

Pre-distribution meeting was held with Local Authority and INTERSOS. The Authorities were informed this distribution was part of previous distribution with left-over S/NFIs. On ground mobilization of the beneficiaries was completed in one (1) day before the distribution date. During meeting, the emergency response team clarified the specific items the beneficiaries were going to receive.

Mobilization was done before the distribution date with the help of the volunteer community mobilizer and village chiefs, who conveyed the message of the distribution to the beneficiaries.

A central distribution was conducted by INTERSOS near Pibor airstrip for one (1) day. The team choose the airstrip because it was accessible by all the beneficiaries.

Recommended guidelines were also communicated during the mobilization. The beneficiaries were informed that minors will not be allowed to access the distribution site and to receive items on behalf of their parents.

About complains during distribution, beneficiaries were not allowed to raise complaints especially those regarding lost tokens. Complaints were handled by local authority after the distribution exercise.
INTERSOS hired; 4 crowd controller, 4 enumerators, 3 splitters, and 2 labours responsible for laying items ready for beneficiaries to collect.

Crowd controllers were engaged in controlling and directing the beneficiaries and ensuring that distribution procedures were followed. The beneficiaries were urged to follow lines which were demarcated by the crowd controllers. Separate lines were made for the pregnant, lactating mothers, elderly and the disabled. This process helped in the smooth running of the distribution exercise.
The NFIs materials were airlifted by UNHAS (logistics cluster) cargo plane from Bor warehouse to Pibor town and the items were temporarily stored at PLAN International rub-hall till end of distribution. The team on the ground hired casual workers that helped in offloading the items from the plane and carrying them to the PLAN International rub-hall.

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