South Sudan

NFI and Emergency Shelter Assessment Report | Wau PoCAA, 11 - 15 April 2017


Situation Overview

A recent upsurge in violence beginning 10 April 2017 with heavy gunfire heard in the areas of Nazareth, Hai Biafra, Hai Khosti, Hai Jezera and Hai Motamadia. A number of civilians were reportedly killed and an estimated 8,000 people displaced in Wau town. IOM DTM teams are recording movement from collective centers to Wau POC and Cathedral.

Between 10 and 12 April, approximately 4,000 people arrived in the PoC. While conditions in the town had calmed by 11 April, IOM received reports of gunfire in south and west areas of Wau on the morning of 12 April and observed additional IDPs moving towards the PoC site between 13 and 14 April. A total of 14,654 new arrivals have been recorded so far from 11-15 April 2017 joining more than 25,200 IDPs residing at the site. An additional 3,800 people arrived at the Cathedral site, which has been hosting nearly 8,000 people since June, 2016.

The situation in PoC and Collective Centers is being assessed, but remains very fluid with several arrivals and departures. Hence at this stage the only response is being requested is for Wau POC while other sites and situation is being observed.

Summary of Shelter/NFI Situation

Wau POC AA IOM DTM and camp management are planning to conduct a population fixing exercise for PoC AA and Cathedral. The hold in fixing exercise is to ensure there is better understanding on the intention of new arrivals. The population count and intention survey will inform scale of NFI needs and requirements. It will also appraise IOM Shelter-NFI teams to device a longer term shelter strategy with an existing extreme congestion and limited space availability in the POC.

IOM is planning to implement an immediate and shorter term shelter intervention in meanwhile to provide shade to most vulnerable segments of new arrivals including lactating women, elderly and households with small children. The requested materials for communal sheds are designed for minimal material consumption with maximum efficiency on coverage.

This request is being made of 20 communal sheds at this stage that are expected to partially occupy the transit site in addition to reserved space for education, protection, camp management, FSL and reserved distribution site. Camp management and site planning are in coordination with other sectors to ensure space efficiency can be maximised.

Provided there is additional space, this initial request will be modified to cater additional shelters.