South Sudan

NFI and Emergency Shelter Assessment Report | Bor PoC - Intersos - 25 April 2017


Situation Overview

Since 2013 crisis caused by the armed conflict, many IDPS took refuge in Bor POC camp, under the protection of UNMISS for their safety. The victims entirely depends of humanitarian aid support for their survival and no sign soon or when the victims will leave POC camp, however, team interviews during the verification assessment exercise, IDPS departure from POC relays with security situation.

Intersos conducted shelter/NFI verification assessment of the storm affected victims on April-24-2017 after having received request from the Acted camp management. It was reported 3 HHS were affected and shelter reduce to rubbles after heavy storm strike the POC camp and victims exposed without option.

3 HHHS affected by the incident were interviewed during the process and physical observation as well done by the team, to have deeper understanding of the general situation on ground. The team observed destroyed shelters which are completely reduced to truce beyond usable condition Victims confirmed to the team about recent distribution and having received distributed shelter items 1pc p/sheet, pole and bamboos but, IDPS complained of not sufficient to raise new shelter from ground zero.

IDPS confirmed to the verification assessment team having received support from Acted of additional poles and Bamboos after the incident occurred.

2HHS out of 3HHS demanded for 3pcs of P/sheets to rebuild their shelter but, team explained to the beneficiary’s current shelter standard and items to be provided for new shelter sizes 4*3mts and number of plastic sheets to construct complete shelter compared to the previous. Shelter standard demonstration in block 13 was given as an example, which was constructed by the shelter/NFI team during april-2017 distribution.

Team recommendation based on observation and interview conducted during verification assessment exercise, there’s urgent need support for additional plastic sheets to enable affected victims to reconstruct their shelters.

Summary of Shelter/NFI Situation

  • There’s urgent need support of shelter items for all the affected HHS to rebuild their shelters, as the victims are currently sheltering in the communal area.

  • 2HHS out of 3HHS are having new born babies which is impossible for them take refuge within their neighbours’ shelter and one victim elderly 70+.

  • All the affected HHS are exposed to vulnerability without sheltering solution and their belongings are just in open site of the seen observed by the verification assessment team.