South Sudan

New Project: Training the Next Generation of Skilled Health Workers

In South Sudan, HealthNet TPO is working with local health administration and community leaders to construct the Aweil Health Science Institute, training a new generation of healthcare workers.

South Sudan's poor health figures, including high levels of maternal and infant mortality rates, are greatly associated to a lack of trained health personnel to support existing health facilities. It is estimated that South Sudan has just one physician per 65,574 people and one midwife per 39,088 people. There is a limited number of centres country-wide available to train health workers and to enhance the skills and knowledge of existing health professionals particularly in rural areas.

To increase the number of skilled health professionals HealthNet TPO is supporting the construction of the Aweil Health Science Institute in Aweil Municipality.

The project, in the short-term, will create opportunities for the local community in planning and construction, providing a source of income for many in this rural region.

Once completed, this permanent training institute will allow an immediate 500 post-secondary students to train to become healthcare professionals. The institute will strive to improve women's and girls' education and aim to reduce gender disparities in healthcare by promoting qualified female youth for the courses. Newly trained health professionals will serve the entire 1.16 million populations of the state, contributing to reducing maternal and infant mortality rates.

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