South Sudan

Market Monitoring Profile: Bentiu PoC Markets - Rubkona County, Unity State (November 2016)


Key Findings

  • Consumers in Bentiu PoC receive most staple foods through General Food Distributions (GFDs), so staples are generally not sold in the market. Traders either sell local produce or meat, or durable non-local items such as sugar.
  • Recent political developments in Unity State have rendered some previously used supply routes from Sudan unviable for importation of large volumes of goods, so most non-local goods sold in the Bentiu PoC markets now come exclusively from Juba.
  • Supply routes are highly seasonal. During the wet season, the roads to Bentiu become inaccessible and goods must be transported by air, resulting in limited volumes and higher transport costs. Some traders are forced to close their businesses during the wet season due to supply route challenges.
  • Hyperinflation is the primary challenge facing traders in Bentiu PoC.