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At least 70 per cent of women in South Sudan experience some form of domestic violence

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This was revealed by the Ministry of Gender as it launched a ‘16 Days of Activism Campaign’ against gender-based violence.

The Director General in the Ministry of Welfare, Regina Ossa Lulo, says the figures are based on a 2010 assessment report. Lulo says violence comes in various forms.

Regina Ossa Lulo: “When we talk about gender-based violence, we say at least 70 per cent of South Sudan women experience violence, whether it is a slap or violence within the home, domestic violence or early marriage or forced marriage. These – when we put them all together – come to at least seventy percent of women experiencing violence. In that I mean even a brother sometimes slaps a sister. This happens in the homes – that is violence. So harassment, you talk hard or harshly to your wife; that is violence. You should cooperate in your homes.”

The launch of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign coincides with the International Day for the Elimination of violence against women, commemorated on the 25 November every year.

The 16 day campaign is used to raise awareness about gender based violence and provide a forum to develop and share strategies on ending violence against women.