South Sudan

IRNA Report: Maridi and Ibba Counties, Western Equatoria State (2nd - 5th July 2015)


Situation overview

The conflict in Maridi started on the 7th June 2015 when unknown person threw a grenade to Dinka cattle camp in Maridi and killed seven cattle’s. The cattle keepers who are ethnically Dinka retaliated against the residents. On the 8th June the sporadic shootings started between Dinkas cattle keepers, SPLA and residents. It was reported that 14 people were killed, 10 injured, 196 houses burnt and several shops looted in Maridi town. The town was deserted and people displaced to Mabirindi, Mboroko,Nagbaka, Mudubai and Rastigi bomas in the outskirts of Maridi town.It is estimated that 22301 people fled to the outskirts of Maridi town and 7699 people to Ibba centre,Madebe, and Manikakara payams in Ibba county and others to Yambio county.

Maridi County hospital was looted and vandalized. County hospital IPD and all schools in the county are closed. The water treatment plant remained closed, the water technician and other civil servants are still displaced out of town.

On 25 June the team of SPLA commandos arrived in Maridi from Juba. The commando caused more havoc and arrested 36 youths from Maridi claimed to be rebels. On 26 June 2015, the county commissioner house was surrounded by armed men who shot at its house but they missed him. The county commissioner has asked the commandos to leave Maridi County, but they are still in Maridi army barracks. The county commissioner has ordered daily patrol by armed forces from Maridi County. People are still in a state of fear because of the SPLA commando’s presence in Maridi. Most of the IDPs interviewed said that they will not go back to Maridi until the commandos are out of Maridi. IDPs in Maridi and Ibba counties are in need of Food, NFIs, and shelter, water, health and education services. The same assessment team observed heavy traffic movement between Maridi and Yambio, some shops opened and other business started operating .This are the sign of improving security in the area


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