South Sudan

IRNA Report: Amok, Maper & Malueth, Rumbek North County, Lakes State, 12 November 2014


Key Highlights

  • Rumbek North has witnessed the worst floods compared to previous years. Not only crops have been submerged in flood waters since August, but also houses/tukuls many of which collapsed as a result.

  • The County is also affected by the prevailing insecurity and inter-communal tensions in the State and therefore, received forced returnees and IDPs from Rumbek Center.

  • More than 20,000 people have been affected by both floods and insecurity.

  • Nine cases of measles with three deaths were reported. In addition, malaria, ARI, diarrhea, skin diseases and guinea worm are the most common diseases affecting the community.

- In terms of humanitarian needs, food provision is the first priority followed by NFI and fishing kits.
Supply of drugs, PUR and hygiene promotion are also needed. Further assessment is recommended to determine the status of the existing boreholes and repairs needed.